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Why should I use
for online event viewing? was developed to make your life easier. It was created by professional photographers with the professional photographer in mind. From the signup page to uploading an event, the easy to follow steps make it a great site that both the consumer and the photographer will enjoy. Our very competitive rates rival most sites that offer what we do.

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Online Event Features:

Help Desk gives the viewers all the answers they
need to enjoy the event

Personalized Welcome Page Puts your message
in front of the viewer

Pre-Register emails prior to event launch so
everyone registered gets a launch notice

Special Event Invite for primary client to view
event first

Clients viewing the event only see your Studio
Brand, your studio name

The Elegant Event Showcase has features to
enhance Emotion to increase sales, including:

Slideshow with controls for the viewer's
ease of use

Sample image in Color choices of Black & White
or Sepia

Thumbnails in Folder listings

Favorites Folder to record favorite photos
for ordering

Email A Friend from event to invite them to
visit the event

Use Gift Certificates and Pre-Paid Coupons

Image security - Right click protected

Secure Shopping Cart accepting all Major
Credit Cards

Multiple Music Choices - options including
Standard, Jazz, Country, Pop/Teen, Latin,
Various Holiday and None
  Professional Member Features:

FREE - Real Customer Support (see testimonials)

PC and Mac Compatible using the latest html or Java

Fast and easy Signup - get started within minutes
after you fill out your membership form

The Event Page Link on your website shows your
Logo, your contact info, your Studio Brand -
Visitors can view the event from your website

No Software to purchase, all inclusive in our site

Extremely Fast FTP image uploader

No Training needed. FREE Customer support is
always available to members and event guests

Self Fulfillment available.
Fulfill your orders with the lab of your choice

Gift Certificates, Coupons for the photographers
to offer their clients

Pre-Register emails prior to event launch so
everyone registered gets a launch notice

Special Event Invite for primary client to view
event first

0% Shopping Cart with Shopping Cart Payments to
photographers are made by Direct Deposit to
their bank

Upload up to 2500 images per event

(OPTIONAL) Automated Guest Email Reminders
for event expiry date and thank you for visiting
provided - customized with your studio

Create unlimited Pricing Templates

Automated email Reprint Order notices

Free Search Engine submission

Professional Marketing Tips

Best Customer Service in the industry

Once a member, you will begin to increase your exposure and broaden your business! Your clients will see how easy and fun it is to view their special events and place photo orders with you.


Do I need special software to use the site?
This site is 100% web-based so you will need a computer and access to the internet to get started has developed custom software to work on PC or Mac operating systems. There is no special software you need to buy. HTML or flash, your choice.

Do I have to set up my own shopping cart?
No, provides our members with 0% Commission shopping cart services so you can sign up and get started all the same day-it only takes about 10 minutes.

How do I get paid from retail sales on the consumer site?
We collect all the sales from consumer orders and deposit the sales into your bank account. You just process the order through your lab (or use one of the labs listed for your convenience) and ship to the consumer.

How good will my photos look on the internet?
Your photos will look as good on as they look in any other application on your computer. You can upload raw size images or cropped and sized images - they will still look great. When you become a member (photographer) you can use our easy to follow General Instructions and get specific guidelines as to how you should upload your event for the best quality viewing. These easy to follow steps will ensure that your photos will look their best for viewing online and your guests will enjoy these special photos and make purchases at the same time!

What sets apart from other similar sites?
On your images will stay in the order you upload them, a great time saving feature! You can upload photo images from any part of your system such as from a CD or your hard drive. Additionally, you can upload folders or individual files and you can easily return at any time to make quick changes to the order of the images, change the favorite folder and move images into a new category, and edit the price list and more! We are dedicated to providing you a very affordable, easy to manage and great income producing site you will appreciate for years to come.

Can anyone see my Event postings? strives to maintain password protection for our members. All members will control who has access by providing a username and passcode only to the guests of their choosing. Guests will need both the username and passcode to gain entry to the event.

Can I use this site if I am still shooting film?
Yes, if you are shooting film, just ask your lab to scan your negatives and put them on a CD for you. You can then edit, sort and get the images ready for upload.

Frequently asked questions from consumers:

How can I get my photographer to put my event on your website?
Simply ask the photographer to go to and sign up. We have several great, very competitive plans to choose from including per event uploads or a Free 30 day trial to check us out.

What are the benefits to me?
As a guest on this website you will be able to view the images from your special day (Wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Baby's first photo session, etc). All your family and friends can view these images, share them by email and make purchases all from the comfort of their homes. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover all within a secured environment so you can be confident in making your purchases. Family and friends from across the world can all share special events like never before!

Why do I have to enter my email to get on an Event?
We gather email information solely for the purpose of extending the information to our members so they may be in contact with you. is a very customer service based company. We believe that our members (photographers) will appreciate this in a world full of little or no service offered. We do not sell or share any kind of information about you in any manner.

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